Profile of the Company


" To become the number one national alternative telecoms provider and a leading multi-services operator with regional and international footprint. "


In the telecom market of Pakistan, Worldcall to have an overwhelming impact on the basis of following benchmarks:

  • Create new standards of product offering in basic and value added telephony by being more cost effective, easily accessible and dependable. Thus ensuring real value for money to all segments of market.
  • Be a leader within indigenous operators in terms of market share, gross revenues and ARPU within five years and maintain the same positioning thereafter.
  • Achieve utmost customer satisfaction by setting up high standards of technical quality and service delivery.

Ensuring the most profitable and sustainable patterns of ROI (Return on Investment) for the stake-holders.

Detail of Permissible Business Activities:

The company commenced its operations on 01 December 2004 and is engaged in providing Wireless Local Loop ("WLL") and Long Distance & International ("LDI") services in Pakistan, operation and maintenance of public payphones network and re-broadcasting international/national satellite/terrestrial wireless and cable television and radio signals as well as interactive communication and to establish, maintain and operate the licensed telephony service under licenses from Pakistan Telecommunications Authority ("PTA") and Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority ("PEMRA").

Status of the Company

Worldcall Telecom Limited ("the Company") is a public limited company incorporated in Pakistan on 15th March 2001 under the Companies Ordinance, 1984 (now the Companies Act 2017) and its shares are quoted on the Pakistan Stock Exchange Limited.

Company Registration No. & National Tax No.

Company Registration No. 0042200 of 15-03-2001

National Tax No. (NTN): 1268238-1

Address of Registered Head Office & Branch Offices

Email Addresses

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