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Investors Information  

A) Profile of Company

i) Vision , Mission and Details of Permissible Business Activities
ii) Status of Company
iii) Company Registration Number & National Tax Number
iv) Address of Registered Office, Head Office, all other Branch Offices
v) Email Address
vi) Detail of Parent Company

B) Governance

i) Profile - Board of Directors
ii) Shareholding of Pattern
iii) Name of Auditor of the Company
iv) Name of the Legal Advisor

C) Investor Relations

i) Investor Grievances
ii) Corporate Social Responsibility Reports
iii) Notice of General Meetings
iii) Proxy Form

D) Media

i) National /International Awards, Recognition
ii) Membership of Industry Associations and Trade Bodies
iii) Announcement
iv) Last Date of Website Updated

E) Election of Directors

i) Notice of Election of Directors
ii) Information to Election of Directors
  a)   Proxies
  b)   Profile of Candidates
  c)   Date of Elections
iii) Proxy Forms
iv) List of Shareholders

F) Investor Information

i) Symbol of the Company
ii) Annual Reports for the Current Financial Year
iii) Financial Highlights
iv) Interim Accounts
v) Earning Per Share P/E Ratio and Breakup Value
vi) Name and Address of Share Registrar
vii) Free Float of the Shares of Company
viii) Rating of Company and Instrument
ix) Consent for Company Report

G) Code of Conduct

i) WTL Code of Business Conduct
ii) Protection Against Harassment of Women at Workplace Act 2010 (English Version)
iii) Protection Against Harassment of Women at Workplace Act 2010 (Urdu Version)

H) Website Compliance Certificate

i) Website Compliance Certificate

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